Gluten Free Pantry Basics; flours, starches and mixes


October 3, 2012 by Tamika

Welcome to the Apothecary:

These are the basic flours, ingredients and recipes that make eating and living gluten free easy.

Flours and starches I use frequently:

Flours:  white rice, brown rice, sweet white rice, sorghum, millet, garbanzo, potato (flour), quinoa, buckwheat.

Starches: tapioca, arrowroot, potato (starch)

Essentials: psyllium husk powder, flax meal, powdered apple pectin, gf baking powder

A mix of gf flours and starches is needed in baked goods to behave somewhat like traditional wheat flours. The addition of Pysllium, flax meal and pectin gives baked goods the binding and stretching that gluten usually adds (as in really good bread). It’s not fail safe, but so close it’s almost unnoticeable.

I keep Almond Meal and Coconut Flour in my pantry as well. Though I limit my nut consumption and find coconut flour to be very drying to a batter or dough.

Apothecary basic GF Flour Mix. This can be doubled (or tripled!) and stored in an air tight container. Best used for anything with a cake like texture: brownies, cakes, scones, muffin, pancakes, ect.

300 grams brown rice flour

250 grams sweet white rice flour (mochi flour)

250 grams tapioca flour

100 g sorghum flour

100 grams potato starch (not flour.. that’s instant potatoes)

50 g arrowroot starch

Mix these flours together very well. After each addition and thoroughly at the end. It helps to use two bowls or containers.

I use Psyllium Husk powder as a binder. 1 1/2 teaspoons per cup of gf flour mix. In everything.

Apothecary GF Pastry Flour Mix Pate Brisse. This is best used for finer grained baked goods like tarts, galettes, pie crust.

1000 gr white rice flour

700 gr sweet white rice flour

400 gr brown rice flour

700 gr tapioca flour

Psyllium husk powder added at time of baking. 1 1/2 tsp per one cup flour mix.

Mix these flours together very well. After each addition and thoroughly at the end. It helps to use two bowls or containers.


General Cooking Staples:  

These are gluten, corn, oat, xanthan and guar gum free. I will add to this list regularly. Clearly, once corn products are omitted, eating processed and pre-made foods is nearly impossible. I won’t go into a rant on the US corn industry here, please do some research on it (I’ll probably rant another time), it’s in everything hidden under a multitude of names.

Bragg’s Amino Acids (like soy and tamari sauce)

White Miso Paste

Leah and Perrin’s  Worcestershire sauce

GF baking powder

GF vanilla extract (make your own!)

Organic sugar

Organic Agave (Agave is a processed sweetener, just like corn syrup, but doesn’t have the same effect on our bodies. If you are staying off processed foods, avoid Agave)


Gluten Free Garden Foods. Remembering Summer.














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