Almond Lemon Honey Loaf


March 21, 2013 by Tamika

IMG_1079 I am currently grain free and finding it challenging and rewarding to redo favorite recipes, yet again, into grain free and sugar free options. This loaf is based on one that is gluten free and features almond meal, one I made and devoured, until my body rebelled against grains. I’m not forcing you into this journey with me, (I’ll offer the original GF recipe too), however, I’m discovering people are eager for grain free options. I am a firm believer that variety in our diet, as in less grains and starches, more seeds, nuts and legumes, can only be healthier for us.

Coconut flour tends toward the dry side, it absorbs a huge amount of liquid, the batter may seem thin for loaf batter, like pancake batter,  don’t worry, almond flour keeps it moist while the coconut soaks up the liquid.


This loaf would be wonderful with orange zest and juice, or lime, substituted for lemon.



Almond Lemon Honey Loaf.

3 large eggs, separated  (2 lg eggs not separated for gluten free version)
1/2 cup softened coconut oil OR olive oil (extra virgin will impart a strong flavor)
1/4 cup yogurt (or kefir/coconut milk/ almond milk), or more
2  tsp. lemon zest
3 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup honey
1 3/4 cups almond flour  (1 1/2 almond flour if doing gluten free version)
1/2 cup coconut flour   (3/4 cup brown rice flour if doing gluten free version)
1 Tbsp. flax seed meal
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder (OR if sensitive to baking powder use 1 tsp baking soda and 1tsp    apple cider vinegar).

Lemon glaze:
1/4 cup lemon juice
3 tbsp. honey

Pre-heat oven to 350*, oil a loaf pan, set aside.

Combine all dry ingredients in a small bowl. Beat egg whites until stiff, set aside. With stand or hand mixer, beat egg yolks (whole eggs if doing gluten free), yogurt, honey, juice, zest and vanilla (and apple cider vinegar, if using) until well combined, add softened coconut oil then dry ingredients. Beat for a couple of minutes, to ensure the coconut flour absorbs liquids, add egg whites, if batter seems thick, add a little more yogurt or milk (or even water).

Pour batter into prepared loaf pan. Bake for 45-55 minutes, until the sides are golden and a toothpick inserted into the middle has no raw dough on it.

Meanwhile melt honey and lemon juice together. Drizzle on top of loaf while it’s cooling, it will soak in, adding moisture and a hit of flavor.

Remove from oven and LET COOL COMPLETELY before turning out and slicing…..


Because it doesn’t have gluten to hold it together and will most likely fall apart if it’s not cool. It’s alright, it’s still delicious!




10 thoughts on “Almond Lemon Honey Loaf

  1. Shae says:

    Tamika, I made a loaf this weekend and brought it to a family gathering. It was a big hit, even with family members who aren’t on a restricted diet. Thank you!

    • Tamika says:

      You are so welcome and I’m glad it was a hit! It makes a nice breakfast bread for honeyed preserves too. Next up, hazelnut cake!
      Take care,

  2. hopeypie says:

    I made this recipe last night in a muffin tin (reduced cooking time to 20 minutes) and it was amazing! I love baking, and this recipe will definitely be added to my permanent roster. My nine-year-old daughter chose this over ice cream for dessert! Thank you!

    • Tamika says:

      wow! Chosen over ice cream.. impressive! Thanks for letting me know you like this recipe, I’m honored it will be in your regular repertoire!

  3. kristin says:

    This looks wonderful! I’m also gluten, sugar and dairy free for awhile at least. I’ll be making this later for sure! How do you feel being off of gluten? I’m feeling much better since avoiding it all. Sadly, I do miss my bagels and buttery scones :)

    • Tamika says:

      I’ve been gluten, corn and oat free for 4 years, now I’m completely grain free due to ongoing health issues (I’m celiac though, so it’s not just a matter of avoiding gluten). You can still make buttery scones! If you make the basic GF flour blend I offer on this blog (one is for pastry, one is all purpose), you can pretty much replace regular flour in a scone recipe, add a bit more buttermilk and baking powder.. Keep at it, the health benefits are worth it!

  4. Meredith says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I am pregnant and am having some major GI issues, I was actually just hospitalized for it. Being pregnant I can’t do a lot of the tests needed so its kind of a guessing game as to whats causing it. Anyway I’ve eliminated Gluten and dairy from my diet so this recipe is perfect. I have to tell you this was one of my favorite deserts gluten free or not. I’m a big foodie and this has been a bit depressing but finding recipes like yours really cheers me up :) I added 1 tsp of xanthum gum (I had it and never used it) some extra lemon juice and honey and didn’t have vanilla or lemon zest. I also can have sugar so I mixed powdered sugar with lemon juice for a topping. It is amazing. Thanks so much!

  5. heybethpdx says:

    Hi! I’m late to finding this recipe and I’m a little confused. I think both versions you offer are gluten-free, but the version with coconut flour is also grain-free. Is that correct? Your directions have the user sub in rice flour instead of coconut flour if doing this gluten-free, but my internet research says coconut flour is already gluten free.

    • Tamika says:

      Hi, sorry for the confusion! Coconut is a seed and yes, gluten/grain free. Some people just want gluten free, not necessarily grain free. Lately I’ve been using less almond meal and more coconut and light buckwheat mixed with tapioca for some wonderful results. Happy baking!

      • heybethpdx says:

        Thanks for clarifying! I’m bringing this to a gathering for a group that includes a gluten-free person and a honey-only person, so I was really happy to find this, it looks perfect :)

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