I love food. I grew up with an intense appreciation for handmade, homemade, homegrown food.

at 19 I found myself in a commercial kitchen cooking and baking and absolutely smitten. My life has seen rounds of change but I’ve always come back to food. Only now, I’m completely free of the things that make me sick.

Here you will find my own recipes as well as others I re-do gluten, corn, oat, xanthan and guar gum free. (I will always link back to the original and give credit where it’s due). Re-learning to cook has been frustrating but truly gratifying. For me it’s more than a matter of switching out gf mixes for gluten flour, and using corn starch as a thickener. Recreating something steeped in family tradition, such as Gnocchi, has an emotional quantity to it that heightens the importance that the resulting dish be as near perfect as possible.


I now call myself a sickly child and adult. Oats where the first thing I was conscious of making me ill. After my last pro baking gig I went a year of feeling pretty horrid then decided to cut out gluten, since more info on Celiac and gluten intolerance had become mainstream, my symptoms fit. It was literally mind altering. Brain fog lifted, mood lifted, stomach began healing. With slow process I discovered I’m highly allergic to xanthan gum. That was a bummer. It’s in everything. Eating out is very challenging.

4 years and I am now off all corn products (xanthan is from corn), oat, glutens, and most uncooked dairy. And yeast is a problem, so I eat it infrequently (must. have. good. pizza).

Check out my other website Belle Jar Canning Where I talk all foods preserved. I teach all methods of preservation. Preserves, Pickles, Ferments and more.

You can contact me at Tamika(at)bellejarcanning.com

Please be aware that all recipes, recipe redos and pictures are mine.  You may share if you link back to them here.


Tamika Adjemian


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Cathy Johnston says:

    Just read your post on starting a gluten-free sourdough starter but am confused about the use of flour to get it started. I already have a vigorous starter which I’ve been using for years and bake bread weekly – I am not gluten intolerant but I have a guest coming to visit over the holidays and I’d like to know if I can use my starter (which contains equal amounts of flour/water/starter not unlike yours) to make a gluten free sourdough bread. Do you have a recipe?

    Thanks in advance,

    Cathy Johnston

    • Tamika says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Is your guest gluten intolerant or do they have celiac disease? If so you can’t use regular (gluten) flour at all, particularly with Celiac disease, even cross contamination is a serious issue. That said, I have not published my gf sourdough bread recipe.. Just the starter. You use equal parts gluten free flour to water (brown rice flour is best to start with) and add one red cabbage leaf.. I added the link in my blog post to Michael Rhulman’s website and the page the original sourdough recipe came from. It will take a good week or more for your gf sourdough to be ready to use. I know Tara Barker has just published her gf sourdough bread recipe in the current issue of Taproot Magazine (you can go to their website). I hope this helps!

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